Can I Get Insurance in India for Car Scratches?

Car Scratches
Car Scratches

Claim Insurance for Car Scratches

Although it is possible to file a claim for automobile scratches under your auto insurance in India, you are warned against doing so. Let us explain why.

You can make a claim for little damages like dents, scratches, and other things with your auto insurance. However, if you consider your insurance’s long-term advantages, you should not expect to file claims for such trivial problems. Do you understand the rationale? This is because filing a claim for such minor problems could end up costing you money in the long run. We are learning about the viability of submitting claims for little car scratches in this blog.

Does it make sense to submit claims for car dents and scratches?

While we commute, our car occasionally sustains numerous dings and scratches. These could be the result of small collisions, traffic accidents, etc. But when it comes to filing a claim for such scrapes, you might wonder if your insurance coverage covers reimbursement for such minor problems or if I can claim insurance for car scratches in India. Furthermore, is it worthwhile to submit a claim for dents and scratches even if they permit you to be reimbursed for them?

Your insurance might offer you protection against numerous unforeseen damages to your vehicle. Everything can be claimed by the insured from major losses to little dings, depending on the type of damage. It is best to avoid filing claims for little costs, nevertheless, as doing so could result in future large premium payments. On the other side, if you avoid filing claims for minor problems and manage to go a year without filing any, you can be eligible for a No Claim Bonus at policy renewal.

Before filing a car insurance claim in India for minor dents, keep the following things in mind:

Is my auto insurance going to cover dings and scratches?

Before filing a claim for small scratches, take this into account first. Therefore, you need to be aware of whether your insurance company covers little dings and scrapes. If you have a third-party policy, for instance, it might only cover liabilities and damages to third parties. Therefore, you may file a third-party damage claim. However, you might not be able to file a third-party insurance claim for any minor harm done to your vehicle.

However, if you have a comprehensive insurance, you can file a claim for any little and significant damages to your car. This is due to the fact that comprehensive insurance pays for both your and your car’s own damage.

Will it have any influence on my NCB?

Your NCB is impacted, yes. Your chance to obtain an NCB incentive, which is contingent upon a claim-free policy year, is forfeited if you file a claim for a small issue covered by your auto insurance policy. As a result, you can receive an NCB reduction on your policy rate at the time of your subsequent auto insurance renewal if you do not file claims for minor concerns. However, filing claims for dents and scratches will invalidate the NCB prize you are eligible for.

Will it have any impact on my deductible?

The deductible is the sum that you consent to shell out as part of the claim settlement process. Online auto insurance policies have this choice. In this case, the insurance covers the remaining claim payment. As a result, the two parties—the insurer and the insured—share joint liability for claims. You end up paying for claims in accordance with the deductible you select. Before filing a claim for minor dents and scratches, it is crucial to take deductibles into account because they may have an impact on how much you have to pay the insurer.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that you already know “how to claim auto insurance” and how deductibles affect your claims before filing claims for very minor problems or losses.

Will it impact my monthly premium?

Yes, filing claims regularly will have an effect on your NCB, claim history, and premium. This is because, according to the regulations governing vehicle insurance claims, premium is based on NCB and claim history, and when your NCB and claim history change, the rate also changes. Therefore, if you frequently file claims for small problems, your insurer may charge a higher rate in the future. This is because if you file claims frequently, your insurer may perceive you as a high risk and may charge you more by raising your premium.

To Conclude

The above discussion answers your question, ‘Can we claim insurance for car scratches?’ Of course, it entirely depends on you if you want to raise a car insurance claim for minor damages or not. But before you make a claim you must remember the car insurance claim process and that your insurer keeps a record of all your claims – big or small. They take into consideration such claims for your future premiums. So, it is better not to file a claim for minor issues and rather claim only when you have big expenses on your way. This way you can avail NCB discount on your premium and have a good claim experience.

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